It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Wavejet?!?

Wavejet Groupies

Shoot us now, there is something coming to a break near you that is far worse than a kook on a SUP.  Welcome to your worst nightmare - the Wavejet. The Wavejet is a surfboard that comes in various sizes, ranging from a sponger to a 10' long SUP.  Only this is no ordinary surfboard.  No, this surfboard contains an integrated propulsion system that runs on lithium ion batteries that can give you up to 75 minutes of thrust while you're kooking it up.  The purpose of this propulsion system is to assist surfers in paddling out to their favorite break, as well as paddling into (and catching) waves easier.  It's also meant to annoy the crap out of every surfer in the lineup around you and make you look like a total douche-bag.  No self respecting bro would be caught dead riding one of these things unless they were paid hefty sums of cash.  As a result of this product hitting the market, our R&D team here at BRO-CAL will be devoting all of their time to developing an Anti-Wavejet Gun to combat any Wavejet kooks that happen to motor into your lineup.  We are taking pre-orders now.  Thank you.

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