Kook Skit

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The founding BROs at BRO-CAL grew up on the East Coast before migrating to Southern California in search of better weather, better waves, and beautiful women.  These BROs had an outsider’s perspective on life in Cali and noticed a growing sub culture of guys driving massive pickup trucks with oversized tires, lift kits, and stickers on the back windshield - particularly of stars and So-Cal logos.  We also noticed the laid back, live in the moment casual lifestyle of boardriders who would use words like “BRO”, “BRAH”, and “GNARLY” every chance they got. Embracing all of these aspects, the BRO-CAL brand was born.

This “Kook Skit” video was created by 3 extremely talented professional surfers (and lifetime BROs) - Andrew Doheny, Ford Archbold, and Kyle Kennelly.  The video pokes fun at the “inland” BROs, many of whom drive large pickup trucks and only make it to the surf on weekends.  What some people call Kooks, we simply say to them: “Not a BRO”. Check out the video and let us know what you think.  And for more great videos from Andrew, Ford, and Kyle (aka “The Three Slobs), go to the Three Slobs website.

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